Always freshly baked and shipped from best bakeries in Los Angeles!
Authentic Lavash

"It has that tonir smell"

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All types of authentic cheeses imported from Armenia!
Armenian Cheeses

Now you can get your favorite cheeses delivered to your door anywhere in USA!

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Selection of Armenian Basturma and Sujuk
Cured Meats

Our selection of Armenian style cured meats will surprise your taste buds!

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We only sell the best natural Armenian Dried Fruits!
Dried Fruits

Selection of Dried Fruits including Apricots, Plums, Figs, Melons, Apples and more!

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We guarantee only the best quality!
Sweet Sujuk

Delicious Sweet Sujuk - also known as Sharots or Walnut Rope

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Shop Our Collection of Quality Canned Fish


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